Abhisit becomes Thailand’s new PM


His Majesty the King has today issued a Royal command appointing Abhisit Vejjajiva as Thailand’s 27th prime minister.

Oxford-educated Abhisit, the viagra cheap leader of Thailand’s opposition Democrat Party, had been elected as the country’s new prime minister by a small majority of 235-198 votes in an extraordinary session of the House of Representatives on Monday and his name was submitted to His Majesty the King for official appointment in accordance with the Constitution of Thailand 2007.

Abhisit, 44, graduated from Oxford University with first-class honour in philosophy, politics and economics and later earned a master’s degree in economics from the renowned university, edged former national police chief Pracha Promnok, leader of Puea Pandin Party, to become the country’s 27th prime minister after receiving a Royal decree.

The House voting came after the Constitutional Court dissolved People Power Party on December 2 over vote fraud charges during last year’s general election, unseating former prime minister Somchai Wongsawat, the brother-in-law of ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra, and banning other executives of People Power Party from political activities for five years.

After receiving the Royal command in an official ceremony, held at Democrat Party’s headquarters in Phayathai district of Bangkok, Abhisit delivered his first speech to Thai people and the press in Thai language through nationally televised network, followed by a special speech in English to foreign media and people of the global community.

In his Thai speech, Abhisit said his urgent duty as the prime minister is to eradicate the politics which have failed in order to restore the unity among Thai people, and promised to “protect the Monarch Institute” and prevent the institute from being pulled into politics by any party.

He told Thai people in all regions where had visited during the past 17 years of his political career that he would be the prime minister of all Thai people and will use all of his capabilities to run the country towards prosperity.

In his English address, the new Thai premier said he realised that a large number of foreign people were concerned about recent airport closures in Bangkok by anti-government protesters but he believed all Thai people regret that the incidents had happened and will make sure that they will never happen again.

Despite the not-so-positive image of Thailand during the past few years, he assured that he will try to restore the image of Thailand as the land of free, the land of opportunities and the land of smiles among foreign investors, tourists and partners as soon as possible.