Honda exports over B104 bln products from Thailand in 2008


Accord, one of the vehicles manufactured at Honda's plant in Ayutthaya Province

Asian Honda Motor has last year exported more than 104.58 billion baht of automobile and motorcycle products from Thailand, up four percent from 2007.

The Bangkok-based Asia and Oceania regional headquarters of Honda Motor today reported that the exports include some 65 billion baht of completely built-up (CBU) and completely knocked down (CKD) cars, accounting for 62 percent of the total export value, more than 23.88 billion baht of CBU and CKD motorcycles, 23 percent of the total export value, nearly 10.13 billion baht of power products, 10 percent of the total value, and some 5.48 billion baht of spare parts, accessories and dies and molds.

Fumihiko Ike, president and chief executive officer of Asian Honda Motor, said in a statement that Honda has so far exported a total of more than 555 billion baht of various products from Thailand, but the global economic crisis has led to a decline in the company’s exports since late last year.
He said, “Export growth has slowed down since the third quarter last year due to the global financial crisis which has affected the entire world. In the fourth quarter, automobile and power products export value faced a decrease while motorcycle export value remained little changed. The export value of Honda products in the fourth quarter dropped 12 percent over the same period in 2007. However, the annual export value of Honda’s products in 2008 is four percent higher than 2007.”
According to the company’s statement, the total value of Honda’s automobile CBU and CKD exports remained stable last year, with an increase of about 13 percent in CKD exports to 26,031 million baht due to the start-up of production of new models such as the Jazz in Brazil and the City in India and a drop of six percent of the CBU exports to 39,060 million baht.

For automobile CBUs, it said, Honda continues to export five models, namely the City, Jazz, Civic, Accord and CR-V, to over 30 countries worldwide and the CBU exports were 72,497 units last year.

Meanwhile, the total value of Honda’s motorcycle CBU and CKD exports in 2008 increased by ten percent to 23,881 million baht, with the exports of motorcycle CKD units, including part kits, rose 14 percent to 22,298 million baht while the motorcycle CBU exports fell 22 percent to 1,584 million baht.
On the company’s power products, for which Thailand is the primary global production and export base in exporting to over 80 countries around the world, the exports in 2008 dropped two percent as a result of the global financial crisis affecting the general market, especially Honda’s key markets in Europe and the United States.