Korn Chatikavanij, Thailand’s Finance Minister


Born:               19 February 1964 

Birthplace:     London                       

Father:            Kraisri Chatikavanij (former director-generals of the Fiscal Policy Office, the Customs Department and the Treasury Department)

Mother:          Rumpa Chatikavanij

Spouse:           Vorakorn (Sutabutra) Chatikavanij

Children:        Karnt, nichnamed “Jam” (F) and Kraisiri, nicknamed “Jom” (M)

Education:     Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), Oxford University, UK;

                        Winchester College, Hampshire, UK;

                        The Old Malthouse Preparatory School, Dorset, UK;

Patumwan Demonstration School (Satit Pathumwan), Bangkok

Professional Experience:

1985-1987 – SG Warburge & Co, London;

May 1988 – Founding Finance One and leading FinOnce to form a joint venture with Jardine Fleming to become Jardine Fleming Thanakom (JF Thanakom), Bangkok, and becoming the company’s Chief Executive Officer;

1999 – Selling shares in JF Thanakom to JP MorganChase but staying on at JP Morgan Thailand as Senior Country Officer;

October 2004 – Leaving JP Morgan to join Democrat Party and later running in 2005 general election in Bangkok;

February 2005 – Winning a parliamentary seat in Bangkok for Democrat Party

Political Posts:

2005 – Democrat Party’s Deputy Secretary General and Secretary for Economic Affairs

2005 — Vice-chairman of the House Committee on Finance

July 2008 – present – Democrat Pary’s Deputy Leader