Thailand’s auto sales fall 28 pct in first half of 2009


The sales of cars and trucks in Thailand during the first half of this year falls 28 percent from the same period last year to 231,428 units, with Toyota leading the market with 41.2 percent share.
According to the statistics revealed by Toyota Motor Thailand Ltd last Friday, the total auto sales during the first six months of this year included 96,056 units of passenger car and 135,372 units of commercial vehicle (buses and trucks), which respectively declined 13.0 and 35.9 percent from the same period last year. Out of the sales of commercial vehicle, 117,696 units are one-ton pickup trucks, which the sales fell 35.3 percent.

Out of the total sales from January to June, Toyota sold 95,334 units or 41.2 percent while Isuzu came second with 48,858 units or 21.1 percent and Honda was the third with 39,967 units or 17.3 percent.
In the passenger car category, Toyota sold 41,541 units or 43.2 percent, Honda 37,794 units or 39.3 percent and Chevrolet 3,829 units or 4.0 percent.

In commercial vehicle category, Toyota sold 53,793 units or 39.7 percent, Isuzu 48,858 units or 36.1 percent and Nissan 8,610 units or 6.4 percent.

However, out of the commercial vehicle sales, the sales of pure one-ton pickup, excluding pickup passenger vehicle (PPV), Isuzu sold 43,526 units or 41.1 percent, Toyota 41,827 units or 39.5 percent and Nissan 8,430 units or 8.0 percent.

In the PPV category, Toyota sold 6,851 units, Mitsubishi 2,449units, Isuzu 2,348 units and Ford 238 units.

Kyoichi Tanada, president of Toyota Motor Thailand Ltd, said he expects the market to slow down into the second half and the total auto sales is expected to be about 480,000 for the entire year.

During the first six months, he said, Toyota exported 102,179 completely built units (CBUs), dropping 33 percent from the same period last year, and spare parts worth about 65 billion baht, down 24 percent from the same period last year.

For Toyota’s domestic and export sales targets, Tanada said, the company estimated that its annual sales will be 205,000 units for the domestic market, dropping 21.8 percent from last year, with 42.7 percent market share.

He said the company expects to sell 90,500 passenger cars, with 44.8 percent market share, and 114,500 commercial vehicles, with 41.2 percent market share, in Thailand.

The export sales of CBUs is estimated to be 222,000 units for the value of 96.6 billion baht and the spare parts export volume is about 40 billion baht.