The King urges Thais to do the right things


His Majesty the King last night called on Thai people to be prudent and consciously think and do the right things for their own happiness and prosperity, as well as to help make the country become peaceful and happy entirely.

In a televised address as a New Year greeting to his subjects, the King wished all Thais to be happy and prosperous and suggested that such well wishes could become real only when ones are prudent and conscious, then use their intellects to carefully consider the pros and cons before taking actions for the good results.

The King said the realisation of the good and bad results with clear understanding would help each people see what should be avoided and what should be done in order to yield the true and sustainable benefits to individuals and society as a whole.   

Doing the right things, he said, will eventually help each of his subjects have happiness and prosperity and make the country be in peaceful order and become a happy nation as everybody and all parties want it to be.

He also wished Thai people to be free from grievances, illness and dangers, but to become healthy, happy and successful throughout the year.

Earlier in his address, His Majesty had expressed thanks to the Thais for joining hands in gracefully arranging the royal funeral rites of his sister, Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana, in November and also his appreciation for the loyalty and mindfulness among those who participated in the royal funeral rites.

In addition to his address, His Majesty has also designed a New Year greeting card for all Thais, depicting him sitting in a chair with his favourite pet dog, Khun Tongdaeng, and the mother of Khun Tongdaeng, Khun Nai Daeng, on the lawn of the Royal palace in Bangkok.